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Seller Guidelines and Protection Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Determine My Selling Price?

  • Start at the lowest possible price you are willing to take for the lot. It is really important to price your lot competitively. It is important because once you list you are automatically listed on the front page, this is a high traffic space and have a limited window before other lots push yours down. If it sells we will push it back to the top which encourages a much higher probability of sales for you. 

How Do I Determine My Shipping Price

  • Set a shipping markup that will cover your cost from coast to coast, to the greater 48 states. Ex. NY to CA cost may be $15 we suggest you set your shipping price to $15 plus any handling fees. This way if you buyer is closer to your location the shipping price may even profit you funds. 
What If My Lot Is Heavy/Only a quote basis shipping cost?
  •  We suggest you make a comment in your listing to message you before purchase for a zip code for a shipping quote. Once you have it update the listing with the shipping markup and respond to the buyer letting them know the lot is updated to reflect shipping and can purchase anytime. We dont charge commission on the shipping so the shipping funds are fully funded to you

 May I Exchange My Email or Phone Number With Buyers?

  • No. All communication must be through the Simplelots.com contact button and communication tool. Any personal information shared may result in your account being deactivated permanently.
Seller Protection Policy

All sales should be accepted quickly to provide a great customer experience. Typically if there is more than a 12 to 24 hour period of a transaction sitting in "Preauthorization" buyers get worried if the seller really has the merchandise or if they need to go somewhere else.

We are starting a seller protection policy in which we will refund all commissions that were charged for refunds a seller has to issue to buyers due to buyer mistakes and shipping issues.

We will refund the success fee commission after a sale has been accepted for the reasons below

… Buyer mistakenly doesn’t not pay for shipping due to choosing pickup and does not provide seller additional funds for the shipping option.

... Buyer misread description and needs to cancel

... Buyer needs to cancel due to high shipping costs if international

... Buyer wants to cancel for any reason before items have been shipped. Tracking doesn’t show items in transit.




We know sellers are worried to accept quickly due buyers making mistakes when purchasing. The mistakes can be…

• Choosing the wrong option for pickup or shipping in which seller does not receive shipping funds. (Do not Reject Transaction, Solution option below)

• An International buyer purchases and shipping will cost more for the seller which buyer doesn’t agree too. (Do not Reject Transaction, Solution option below)

• Buyer made a mistake and would like to cancel the transaction. (Simplelots.com will refund the commission to the seller. Paypal transaction details will have to be emailed to sales@simplelots.com)

• Buyer misread description and needs to cancel the transaction. (Simplelots.com will refund the commission to the seller. Paypal transaction details will have to be emailed to sales@simplelots.com)

Before you decide to refund the buyer go over a few options/solutions we have for these mistakes…



For Shipping Issues (international buyer or buyers picking incorrect option)

Solution: Seller may invoice the buyer via paypal for the shipping charges or buyer may send you a prepaid shipping label. Choose the best option that works for you.


When we will not refund success fee or rejection fee.

…Seller is out of stock and has not taken down live lot. Starts on second offence.

…Seller forgets to accept the transaction

…Seller makes a mistake in the listing and buyer receives items “Not as described”